Noonoo’s Page

 It’s hard to get the kids to pay attention these days.  That’s Noonoo on the left – a very bright Persian, and on the right is Fee – who periodically winds Noonoo up for a good chase around the house. They are very fond of each other – both love the sun, and being red-heads they are quite feisty at times!   Both are now six years old, (  Born Nov 2005 ), and full of life, which keeps this old fella on his toes.

RIP  –  4 July 2012

Fionghuala Kayleen  –  ‘Fee’

6 years and 8 months

Sad to say, Fee developed skin cancer and bad kidney infection, and had to be laid to rest on July 4.  This was the right way to go, rather than allow her to suffer.  She is greatly missed by many people  –  around the complex here she was greatly loved  –  a very friendly girl who kept many people entertained as she just had to welcome every visitor  –  if a house was on the market, then it was Fee’s job to say hello at every open home.

Noonoo continues to keep this household on its toes!